Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Catching Up on the Headlines

WBB: Mules Kick Terror in OT
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

WBB: McDaniel Women Recieve ECAC Bid
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is the buzz back?

Hours after a discussion with Kristy Costa about a bowling ball of unknown origins that once bounced down a staircase to my feet, a tennis ball of equally unknown origins hit the top of my shoe in the lobby of the Gill Center.

I didn’t think much of it at the time. Bored by the prospects of pushing electronic paper, I came to the gym early to set up in anticipation of Wednesday night’s showdown with the Bullets. The ball seemed to me like a useful distraction to bounce off of the wall, floor, and bleachers of the press deck until the good folks from WTTR arrived.

So I did.

Then, at about 6:00 p.m., shortly after the doors were opened to the nearly 600 spectators on hand, I saw a glint of green out of the corner of my eye. A dropped dollar bill.

The breaks were beating my way, but I didn’t think much of it. Too many people in the building to ask if they lost a buck, so I pocketed it towards a future caffeinated purchase.

All of these little things didn’t amount to much, mild amusement and a potential cup of joe.

And then came the tip off.

For the first time this season, the Gill Center felt like the Gill Center does for women’s basketball games. The Green Terror looked like the Green Terror does for basketball games. The buzz, the energy, or however you choose to define the intangible, was back in full force.

Maybe it’s Steve-O and Kacanich.

Whatever it is, it resulted in Katy Powell’s career high. It was evident in Amy Watson’s dead-eye accuracy on the first three-point attempt of the junior’s career. The balls that may have bounced in either direction throughout the regular season started bouncing McDaniel’s way.

The intensity that has been lacking since, well, losing at Scranton in last year’s NCAA tourney had returned. After a regular season of basketball that provided about as much excitement as finding a tennis ball in the lobby, the team that I had internally written off as a squad built for next year finally gave me something to write about this year.

The team on the floor last night was the team the Terror partisan has been looking for all season long. If it was a season long opossum act, they played it to perfection. If last night was lady luck just stopping in at the Gill to rehash some memories, we’ll all just recall that success is measured by consistency over time, and this year’s Terror hasn’t been overly consistent.

Saturday will provide answers for believers and skeptics alike. With Ron Rohn, the coach of the Mules in attendance last night, you had better believe his team will be ready for McDaniel’s arrival, intensity and all. That sort of thing never stifled the swagger of Terror teams past. The swagger of Terror teams past never waited so long to show itself.

So I think back to my ball and my buck.

Maybe they were just coincidental with one of the world’s most superstitious sports teams at least temporary restoration. Maybe they were signs for a world class doubter whose mind had begun shifting towards ground balls on the lax pitch and diamonds of spring. Or maybe they were just a ball and a buck found by a world class pessimist hanging on to a shred of hope.

Either way, me, my tennis ball and my currently unspendable buck are looking forward to a drive to Muhlenberg. By the way, if you went to your wallet and found you were a buck short this morning, I’ll gladly send it back to you.

After the postseason wraps up.

Terror Picks up Pace
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Green Terror wins with experience
by Greg Swatek, Hanover Evening Sun

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

WBB: Two Terror Players Earn Honors
College Notebook by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

WBB: Terror hoping to ride the momentum
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

MBB: McDaniel men take first steps in rebuilding
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Monday, February 20, 2006

MBB: Terror top Shoremen
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

WBB: Terror reach playoffs with win
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WSWIM: Celinski making waves at McDaniel
by Mary Ann Tarr, The Times

WLAX: Women's DIII Outlook
by Bill Free, The Baltimore Sun

Monday, February 13, 2006

McDaniel grad helps put school's games online
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Seniors Enjoy Final Year
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A new place for civilized discussion...

The folks at D3Football and D3hoops.com continue to provide service to Division III athletes. In addition to their outstanding standard coverage for the aformentioned sports, Pat Coleman and company have added discussion forums for men's and women's lacrosse and baseball.

The lacrosse board launched at 1:30 PM today, while baseball has been up for several weeks, and is showing a decent volume of activity, though no discussion on the Centennial Conference as of yet.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why you Persist

The 15th player on the basketball roster. The 99th guy on the football roster. The 32nd baseball player. The seventh singles player.

Practice fodder. Right?

The odds of that player becoming a regular starter are slim. The odds of achieving greatness are slimmer. Accomplishments are generally relegated to mop up minutes, or as we used to refer to it, the 30:30:30 club (30 points ahead, 30 points behind, 30 seconds left).

Yet these kids show up everyday. They practice their guts out, often going harder than the “star player,” and for what? There is the love of competition, love of the team, and determination to match the perspiration.

There is also the chance.

That chance is the fleeting glory of sacking the quarterback, or fanning the league’s most ferocious power hitter. That chance is that a coach will see in the athlete precisely what the athlete sees in his or herself.

When the chance comes, not everyone is ready to embrace it. Some are. Devin Keeny was.

A spate of injuries in a short period conspired with several consecutive losses to produce Devin Keeny as a starter. The same Devin Keeny who saw all of 20 minutes of action spread out over 11 games in 2004. The same Devin Keeny who was asked to fill out a form handed to freshmen for the media guide because none of his 20 minutes coincided with the flash of a camera.

That was prior to the regime change in Westminster.

A year ago, Keeny was overlooked as a viable contributor to the squad. In the Bob Flynn era, McDaniel is 2-0 with Keeny as a starter. That is why the last guy on the roster keeps at it. Keeny’s story is just beginning the second chapter. He has proved throughout the season that he is a valuable contributor, and as a starter, he is averaging 12.5 points per game. He doubled his previous career high of nine points (established in his first career start in the game prior) with 18 first half points against Swarthmore.

He finished that game with 20 points, and watched much of Swarthmore’s second half comeback bid from the bench, exhausted from nearly matching his 2004 minutes in one half of a game. The lead built while Keeny was on the floor dissipated while he was off.

Maybe he can’t keep posting numbers like he did against Swat. Maybe he can. Where his story goes from here is yet to be determined, but given a chance, the guy who was 14th or 15th on the roster executed, and earned the consideration of fans, coaches, writers, and broadcasters he knew he was capable of earning.

His victory on Saturday was not just a win in basketball for him and his teammates. It is the truly All-American experience of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. It was a victory for every athlete who has been last on the roster and the last to leave practice.

That’s why the last guy bangs his head against the wall everyday. Now get back to work.
Hopkins Trips up Terror
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sunday, February 05, 2006

MBB: McDaniel's 22 points lead nearly not enough against Garnet Tide
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

WBB: Terror picks up running game
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times

Friday, February 03, 2006

A Sad Day for Carroll County Sports

I write today bearing bad news for Carroll County Residents and Green Terror fans. Adelphia Cable 3 in Carroll County is set to go off of the air. The wrangling and maneuvering behind the scenes is more than I know about or care to get into. The bottom line is Carroll County’s athletes, both high school and college, are being left out in the cold.

In my five years here, Jeff Rich and his gang in the red shirts (one of which you see behind the camera at left) have covered football, men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling, men’s and women’s lacrosse, baseball, and softball on the game of the week. They scooped up all of the other sports in their weekly show Sidelines, which introduced our athletes to the rest of the county.

In the nearly 20 years that Channel 3, under the Adelphia or Prestige Cable banner, has covered local sports, they carried on in a professional manner that far exceeded similar stations of their size. Their content and production value demonstrated the results of their hard work and can-do attitude.

While I won’t miss the barrage of emails and phone calls that flow in for about a week after a McDaniel game has aired as a Game of the Week, I believe that speaks volumes about the quality of work the folks at Adelphia carried out.

None of our homegrown athletes have known a time in their life when hearing Bryan McLean’s calls of their youth or rec. league, high school, or college game wasn’t a possibility.

We are fortunate in this County that WTTR carries on with what the Associated Press has deemed Maryland’s best local sports coverage over the radio, and now the Internet through Broadcastmonsters.com, but the wrestler with the upset pin will no longer have a professional copy to one day show their little grapplers.

We are also fortunate that McLean will serve as the voice of McDaniel men’s and women’s lacrosse over the Internet, but to the high school kids around the county, and the kids on our campus, the chance to be seen is gone.

That is unfortunate.

So to my friends at Adelphia, I thank you for showing up hours before kickoff, or tipoff, or faceoff. I thank you for letting me use your generator to power our press box when a car accident knocked out power last year. I think you for giving our small school athletes a small taste of the big time experience.

I thank you for providing memories for our athletes, and often more importantly, their parents and grandparents who cannot always cover the ground to be here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WBB: McDaniel goes ice cold
by Patrick Brannan, Carroll County Times