Friday, January 06, 2006

Terror in the Land of Magic
The McDaniel College Green Terror men's basketball spent a few days in the sun in Orlando. The Terror took in the sights of Central Florida, found themselves on the floor rubbing elbows with the Magic dancers prior to the Timberwolves-Magc game they took in that evening, and even found time to play a pair of basketball games in the Land of Magic Classic as well.

Battling the flu and a pair of outstanding opponents, McDaniel did not pick up any "W's" on the trip, but from a team perspective, the journey was still a success.

"Our seniors deserved this experience. The experience of extended travel as a team was a first for them," said Head Coach, Bob Flynn. "It was a terrific tournament with plenty of time as a team for 'R & R'."

"The final two days of the trip we were able to hang out together as a team, mostly poolside, and enjoy one another’s company. With a new coach and five freshmen, the opportunity to be together off the court in that type of setting will only strengthen the great chemistry and camaraderie this team already possesses."